This sign was posted during construction of a completely non-toxic home

When Eddie was given the challenge of building a completely non-toxic home for a chemically sensitive customer, he realized the overwhelming number of building products that contain toxic chemicals as well as the
adverse effects these chemicals can play on individuals. Although building this way was a challenge, Eddie found it to be very valuable. As a result, he learned a whole new way of building that benefits everyone - the construction worker, homeowner, and the environment.

Most people would assume their home is free of pollution. It is not something normally associated with the indoors. But in reality, the average home interior is more polluted than the outdoors. The reasons for this
are many, but they relate primarily to the construction materials built into the home. Because of the latently toxic materials and technologies in contemporary construction, builders are largely ignorant of the harmful chemicals. In many countries, manufacturers are not required by law to disclose their products' toxic properties.

Building a healthy home is not a question of employing any special technology or unconventional architecture. It can be as straightforward as building in the way people did before chemicals were introduced and/or using newer materials and technologies that offer less toxic alternatives. The key is to look at types of construction where as few natural or chemical unadulterated materials do as many jobs as possible.

We try to eliminate as many chemicals in the building process as we can, while trying to work within a budget. Healthy building may add slightly to the cost of the home, but in the long run, it can add much to your health. There are non-toxic alternatives to conventional products and many materials are now produced by most major manufacturers thanks to increased demand and production.

Your home is not just a set of walls. It's your hearth, your haven, your corner of the world, the place you spend much of your time. Whether you live in a high-rise, a suburban neighborhood or on a country acre, the natural world around you helps define "home" and how you live. Your home should be a sanctuary. It should be a safe, comfortable, inviting place to retreat from the stress and pollution of the everyday world. While it is challenging to build a home that is completely free of any pollutants, using some Healthy Home Construction guidelines will drastically reduce the toxins in your home.

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